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Fix - Duplicate OneDrive Quick Links in Explorer


Sometimes if you're using OneDrive for Business, you can get two quick links in your explorer window - one is named "OneDrive" and the other is "OneDrive - Business" or something similar. They will both take you to your OneDrive library, so the duplicate can be removed. To do this involves editing the Windows Registry - so obviously you take all the responsibility for performing these activities. Please ensure you know what you are doing!

  1. run REGEDIT.EXE and navigate to:
  2. in that folder, you'll probably see two folders with different guids:
    OneDrive Duplicate Icon
  3. Find the folder with "OneDrive" in the Data column, and delete that folder (leaving 1 folder left with "OneDrive - Business" or similar in the Data column).

That's it! Log out and back in and you should have just one Quick Link to OneDrive.

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