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Fix Outlook Multiple Windows


Outlook is a terrific email/calendar/contact application - there are many others out there, but personally I haven't found one I like better (yet!). However, once in a while I have multiple windows open in Outlook - for example I'll have one window for my Inbox open, another for my Calendar and even sometimes one for my Contacts. Sometimes these windows get "stuck" and even though you close them all, when you re-open Outlook the next day, all the windows open instead of just one. 

Outlook with multiple windows

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this issue:

  1. Close all your open Outlook windows so that Outlook is no longer running.
  2. Open the "Start" menu and...
    if running Windows 10, type: "outlook.exe /recycle" and press "Enter"
    if running Windows 8.1 or earlier, click the "Run" icon and then type: "outlook.exe /recycle" and press "Enter"
  3. This will launch Outlook in just a single window and should take you to your Inbox.

This should fix the issue and future launches of Outlook should just have a single window.


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