Meade ETX 90 picture

XEphem and SOHO Images


The NASA web server that dishes out SOHO images has recently been updated to use SSL (HTTPS) connections only, and this causes XEphem to be unable to retrieve the latest images. Contributor Lutz Mändle created a patch to allow this connection to be reestablished:

Download the patch and go to your GUI/xephem folder (of the source code). Update these files to be read/write:

chmod u+w *

Then apply the patch:

patch -p0 < (path to patch file.)

You will be prompted for each file to patch, so each time just type again the name of the file mentioned in the message and press [Enter]. Once you are done patching, recompile the program per usual and copy the bin file back over top of your existing xephem executable file.


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