Rick's Canadian Penny Collection

Welcome to my collection! I've been collecting Canadian pennies ever since I was a little boy. I used to have one of those cardboard folder booklets with the little cut out circles where you pressed your pennies into. The booklet had a blue cover, as I recall. I believe my parents bought me them for Christmas one year. None the less, it started my fascination with pennies that continues to this day. At present, I've collected over 100 pennies, covering a vast array of years. The collection is by no means complete, nor is it of much value. I'm not one of "those" collectors, that has to have high quality, non-circulated coins. I prefer beat up and dirty coins. I find they have much more character, and I'd rather ponder who else might have held these coins in their hands? Sir John A. MacDonald? Billy Bishop? Pierre Elliot Trudeau? Charlie Farkison? Who knows!

The side benefit of collecting Canadian pennies that aren't exactly pristine, is that it keeps the cost of my hobby way down! Hopefully you'll find this collection interesting and enjoyable.

To view my collection online, please select one of the links to the right. If you have any questions or comments about the collection, please e-mail me at rick@deepskies.com. I'd be glad to hear from you!

Penny News

Crisis Averted! (Jul 5, 2022) - While going through some of my spare pennies in preparation to update this site, I found my 1924 penny!!! I am pretty happy that I found it. I also plan on updating the site with a few extra pennies that I've collected recently. Soon, the collection will be complete!

No More Canadian Pennies (Mar 30, 2012) - A sad day indeed. The government has decided that it is too costly to continue using the penny in our currency. I guess it makes sense, other countries have done the same thing. On the plus side, my penny collection can be considered "complete " someday!

Timely Addtion for 2010! (Feb 19, 2010) - I was checking through my change after buying a Timmy's coffee and there was a shiney new 2010 penny staring at me! I decided not to let a year go by before I add that bad boy to my collection. It's been scanned and added to the gallery. I actually went through the change in my car and found just about every penny from 1960 to 2010! I even found a 1940 and a 1950 in my change. UNREAL!

Is It Too Late For 2009? (Jan 9, 2010) - I finally got around to scanning and putting up my 2009 penny on the site. The funny thing is I was aching to get a 2009 penny back at the beginning of the year and I was so excited when I finally got one. But then my scanner broke down and my coin sat on the scanner's glass for months and months. Finally we got the scanner fixed, and I couldn't find my 2009 coin! LOL! But of course they are a dime a dozen (a penny a dozen?) so I have one. But I was looking at it, and it's not the best quality 2009 coin out there. PERFECT (for my collection)!

Pre Christmas Shopping! (Dec 19, 2009) - Today Luke and I went to Northern Stamp and Coin in Barrie to pick up some stamp collecting items for Luke such as a stamp album, a magnifying glass and some tweasers. I decided to pick up a magnifier myself as well as the 2010 edition of "Coins of Canada" by Haxby and Willey. That will let me update the prices on the "What's My Penny Worth?" page!

Disaster Strikes! (Aug 15, 2009) - While examining my penny collection, I've lost my 1924 penny! I had a plan to mount my collection in picture frames and put them on the wall, but I decided it wasn't going to work out. When I went to put my coins back in my album, I noticed the 1924 wasn't accounted for. Turned the house upside down - no luck. Checked my doubles/spares box - nope. GONE! So I'll wait until this Christmas and see if I get a replacement. If not, I'll pick one up. My coin was worth about $9.

Latest Additions

Here are the latest additions to my penny collection: